Monday 2 July 2007

Caterina and Marco's wedding

The 1st of July 2007 was the most wounderful day for Caterina and Marco! They got married!
Everything was more than perfect! I haven't ever heard a speach from a priest like that. His words touched my heart and my soul. And Caterina smile is so beautiful... And Marco is so GREAT!!! Then they had a REALLY delicious lunch in a fabulous restaurant over the hills of Imola. They cut the big marriage pie next to the swimming pool. And immediately later Marco's friends, who were a "little bit" drank, throw me in the swimming pool! I had only the time to throw my camera away! With my colour tie I was definitly wet. So I decided to go and jump from the springboard and to swim as much as possible completely dressed: butterfly and free style! I was elected the idol of the day! And later some jokes with the new husband and wife I did it again, but this time only with my pants!!!
Swimming dressed made me feel so free!
At the end the REAL love is ALWAYS the WINNER! ALWAYS!

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