Sunday 30 November 2008

Montegrotto thermal baths

Relaxing day yesterday in an hotel with thermal baths in Montegrotto near Padua. I went there with Pillo, Simo and Elena... Too funny! Hot thermal baths surrended by a freezing natural environment. In the evening with the darkness many candles outside and too vapour. It was quite impossible to recognize each other! This morning I just woke up too relaxed! So amazing!

Friday 14 November 2008

Barack Obama, the new president!

I was in Times Square when it happened! I've never lived an evening like that! It was like being in the centre of this planet while the biggest happiness of this world blows out! I've never saw an enthusiasm and an involvement like that! So amazing! Everyone was so proud of their choice and I was so glad to meet the people from New York! I can tell I was there and don't forget the most important "Yes we can"!

... coming soon ...

Back to NY

And finally back to NY! This city is so enchanting! This time we also walked on the Brooklyn bridge going to Manhattan during the sunset! Me and my sweetheart were so excited!
NY is so wonderful and amazing!

Thursday 13 November 2008

Halloween in Miami

We had a great evening in Lincoln Road! It was so crowded of people! Walking was so difficult! I didn't see 2 equals masked! My favorite one was the mammography mask! "Touch here with your tits for your mammography!"... Ingenious! :-)

Wednesday 12 November 2008


Welcome to Miami, benvenido a Miami! Do you remember a famous song by Will Smith? He was definitely right! Welcome to this incredible city! We had 3 days in Miami. We saw I think a lot, or at least every famous area: Coconut Groove, Little Havana, Coral Gables and the Ocean Drive. Thanks to a visit tour by bus and then by boat we could appreciate the different architectures of these different districts. They are just cities inside a big city! We could also see a little island inside Miami where all rich people have an home, but the most spectacular home is where Scarface (the movie) was shot! Ocean Drive is a spectacular street... and the sand in Miami beach is so white! Benvenido!!!

Fort Lauderdale

On the 31 of October, Halloween, we had the lunch in Fort Lauderdale, in a restaurant next to the seaport. So we had the opportunity to visit the cost of this rich city. As you can see, we meet some guys who were surfing masked. They were really crazy! Very nice!

Cape Canaveral

I drove for 8 hours and half, from Key West directly to Cape Canaveral. Yes, driving in US is much easier than in Italy, but it was a long trip. Anyway we reached Cape Canaveral in the evening and, the day after, we went to the Kennedy Space Center. It's too amazing! All my kid dreams became true! I saw the launch tower of the space shuttle in person and all the other tower for all the Apollo! I touched a real piece of the moon carried there from an astronaut! I tried a special realistic game which simulates "how to be launch in the space". Pure adrenalin!
There are also alligators and dolphins in the water and we saw both of them! So real!

Tuesday 11 November 2008

Key West

I have no words to describe this place. It's like a dream, it's so wonderful, I've never expected that such place was real! But before speaking about it, I have to tell you something about the bridge which connects Key Largo with Key West. It's a long bridge made of several bridges for 96 miles! The most famous one is the 7 miles bridge. It's seem to float on the Ocean! 2 hours driving and not realizing it! Amazing! Then we reached Key West! Here there is the southern most point in US! It's just 90 miles far from Cuba! This island is so beautiful, the ocean, the beach, I've never been in such place. And then we rented a canoe to explore by ourselves the water-life: some jellyfishes, sea stars, sea urchins and the most beautiful trees called Mangroves! So wonderful, peaceful, relaxing place! The best of the best!

Key Largo and Marathon

After the Everglades we drove till Key Largo. We spent the night in a beautiful motel next to the Bay. We had a really good evening between the restaurant and the hammock next to the Bay. The day after we drove again till Key West, but before we stopped in Marathon in a really good restaurant. They gave us a local dish... It was a sandwich with a kind of fish! It was so delicious! I've never ate such delicious sandwich, so much that I had to get another one! ... and with the street pilot driving was so easy!


Just arrived in Florida and we rented a car. A red dodge caliber!
We spent the night in a huge hotel not far from the airport. The day after we reached the National Park of Everglades. Unbelievable, we saw some alligators and crocodiles, just 1 step far from us! Do you know the difference between them? The crocodiles are green the alligators black, but both of them like eating... We took an airboat tour to explore better this big park!
So scared! :-)

Monday 10 November 2008

All over Florida and back to NY

Here we are! We're back from 2 weeks of vacation in US! So cool!
Me and my girlfriend, my sweet Stelli were 10 days in Florida, we had a big self-made tour, all over this country and then for 4 days back to NY. So... We spent Halloween in Miami and then the election of the new president of the United States in Times Square, NY.
Check our trip in Florida! We rented a car and we drove a lot, more than 800 miles, but driving in US is so easy!! So amazing!
Then back to NY! Obama-mia!
Now keep the order and ... come with us!!!