Tuesday 11 November 2008

Key West

I have no words to describe this place. It's like a dream, it's so wonderful, I've never expected that such place was real! But before speaking about it, I have to tell you something about the bridge which connects Key Largo with Key West. It's a long bridge made of several bridges for 96 miles! The most famous one is the 7 miles bridge. It's seem to float on the Ocean! 2 hours driving and not realizing it! Amazing! Then we reached Key West! Here there is the southern most point in US! It's just 90 miles far from Cuba! This island is so beautiful, the ocean, the beach, I've never been in such place. And then we rented a canoe to explore by ourselves the water-life: some jellyfishes, sea stars, sea urchins and the most beautiful trees called Mangroves! So wonderful, peaceful, relaxing place! The best of the best!

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