Saturday 30 August 2008

My new haircut...

Am I younger? :-)

Wednesday 20 August 2008


Compare to Wien it's really a poor city, but it's also a characteristic and amusing town! What do you think about the meaning of the big women statue in the city center? :-) Do I look like a koala? :-)


Wien is a gigantic emperor city! I've never seen such big and strong palaces, everyone next to each other and everywhere in the city!!! Thanks to my sweety and our vacation mates we had so much fun all around this city. Great music from the Figaro Hall by Mozart and Strauss, with a funny ballet!!! We tasted the original Sacher Torte by Sacher Hotel, so expensive, but so good! We also appreciated so much the Klimt painting, in particular "The Kiss" as you can easily see from the guardian face (shooting pics was strictly prohibited!) I also tasted the most delicious meat in Grinzing, a local district a little bit outside the city! I've never ate cutlets cooked so well! Delicious!.

My summer vacation!

Me, Katia (my sweety StelliStò), Pillo and Fabiola (two close friends of mine), spent 5 wonderful days on vacation between Wien (Austria) and Bratislava(Slovakia), which are connected to each other by the second longest river (Danube). In particular we went trough it with a really fast hydrofoil...
So exciting!
Click here to see our trip in Wien and here in Bratislava!