Wednesday 26 September 2007

Thursday 6 September 2007

Lisa and Gianluca TOGETHER FOREVER and EVER

I lived a dream. I've never felt such emotions!
Seeing my best friend got married with the sweetest girl, where everything was new for me, because it was the first time I was in NJ!
I was considered from Gianluca and Lisa the best man, like Simone. Lisa was standing in front of me in the church during the ceremony and she was more than beautiful, more than everything. Her eyes were telling to everybody: "I love this man!".
It was a big pleasure speaking in front of Lisa and Gianluca guests in the restaurant but the emotions was something unbelievable so I'm sorry but I don't remember quite anything I told. I can't wait for seeing my speach!
Every time I see this movie my heart is full of love!


What should I say about Manhattan?
I just don't know... More than AMAZING, more than INCREDIBLE, more than a DREAM, more than WOUNDERFUL, more than "bellissimo", more than everything I saw.
No words, just look at this pictures, maybe you can to breath my sensations...! :-)


It's a mix between a working and artistic city.
There are a lot of american buildings, sculptures and monuments!
In this city the Rocky's movie was born!
And another dream of mine became true! I run through the Rocky's steps (92 steps), and at the end I screamed: "ADRIANAAAAAAAAAA"!


One of the most important scientist of the past century lived here! He's Einstein! You know him? :-) Compare to Stanford, here you feel more comfortable, maybe because Stanford is so impressive or maybe because the University of Princeton is not as big as University of Stanford!
Anyway... This summer I visited two of the most famous Universities of all over this planet!

17 drive mile

One of the most beautiful ocean view in the whole US! You can breath the ocean and you can feel the pure nature!
More than incredible sensation, more than everything I could expected, more than indescribable beauty, more than AMAZING!

Santa Monica & Venice Beach

When I think again of Santa Monica my first thought goes to Baywatch, Mitch Buchanan and Pamela... One of my dreams became true! I was there! :-)
And now... PLEASE WELCOME TO MY "PEACE" (PIECE) OF HEAVEN! Please welcome to Venice Beach! I left there pieces of my heart!
Indescribable beauty!

Beverly Hills

Well... Just to give you an idea what Beverly Hills is: California is the dream of the people from US. In California there is Los Angeles which is the dream of people from California and then there is Beverly Hills which is the dream of the people from Los Angeles!


What should I say about Hollywood you don't know yet?
It's a dream...


Me and Simone rented a car and we decided to cross the Desert in order to go from Santa Cruz to Los Angeles. More than 500 miles in 5 hours and half!
NOTHING, in the middle of NOTHIG! And when we came back from Los Angeles I got lost in the middle of the desert! We found out a really relaxing place to get a beer! More than an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!


And now... PLEASE WELCOME TO THE MOST FAMOUS UNIVERSITY all over this planet! WELCOME TO STANFORD. To give you just an idea, you have to know that only to go inside the university you have to go through a really long and large way, Palm Drive and it's surrounded by really tall palms! IMPRESSIVE VIEW!

San Francisco

San Francisco was really freezing city! Could you imagine? 10°C!!! One hour by car and you are in Santa Cruz where the temperature is 25°C higher! Because it's situated in the Bay Area! CRAZY!
The GOLDEN GATE is one of the longest bridge in US! Near this Bridge you can easly see Alcatraz island! The Pacific Ocean is completely cold and it's really windy during summer! One of the most known street is Lombard Street It's the roadway which has eight sharp turns!!! It was necessary to reduce the hill's natural 27% grade, which was too steep for most vehicles to climb and a serious hazard to pedestrians In this way it's only 16-degree incline (more reasonable)!

Santa Cruz

Finally I'm back!
I'm in Italy now and I'd like to show you one of the best summers I lived. Maybe the best one!
Now it's really hard to describe you every place I was, but I'll try.
The first city, we visited, was Santa Cruz, where Lisa and Gianluca live. Unfortunately Lisa was not at home, she came back to NJ to prepare everything for the marriage. We had the opportunity to visit the Santa Cruz's Wharf and to meet the first California's people! They are REALLY friendly and opened mind.
Gianluca was always the best guide. We had a BLAST together!
Santa Cruz is a REALLY lovely city! COOL!