Sunday 18 May 2008

I'm 30 today!

I feel really fine! I'm 30 and I'm so fine! Great party this evening with all my friends! We enjoyed so much laughing together. Later I went with Eleonora (the Boss) and his boyfriend (Mario) to listen a live concert near by my home!
More than amazing!
And now it's time to play!

Saturday 17 May 2008

Fede and Menno 's marriage

Federica and Menno are married now! Congratulations from all of us!
PS: the lunch was even the dinner, it lasted more than 4 hours! :-)

Happy birthday Boss...

Happy birthday my dear friend Ele! Congratulation with all of my heart!

Sunday 11 May 2008

Menno's bachelor party!

Sunny day in Marina di Ravenna!
A lot of friends to celebrate the Menno's bachelor party!
We spent the Saturday night there and we had the opportunity to enjoy a lot all together!
After the wedding day, I'll publish all the rest of pictures, trust me... you have to see them! :-)
So... Good luck Menno and Fede!
PS (for Fede): don't worry! Menno is real good!

Monday 5 May 2008


Past week I needed to detach myself from the ordinary days, so during these free days (holiday in Italy) I went to Dublin: three days and three nights.
Well... I was interested to know the Irish culture even if I decided that city because I definitely love the Guiness beer and a lot of people in Italy told me that in Ireland it's even better! They were right!
Frankly speaking I didn't expect such a little city! It's not a real city it's more or less a town and the people from there are awesome! They are really friendly! I was really surprised! I thought to live in a Truman Show, every where I went, people suggested me what to visit without I asked them anything! They were really nice! Temple Bar, the place I had the hotel, is quite similar to Covent Garden in London! Every where Italian restaurant and no Italian people inside! :-) I've also tasted a local dishes from there: a lot of meat and one evening I ate the meat cooked in the Guiness sauce!
For Gianluca: the Guiness shirt with green and black stripes is yours! :-)
The Liffey River is so romantic and I was really lucky because it didn't rain.
Really lovely town!