Thursday 31 July 2008

Dinner with Lisa and friends...

Pizza with Lisa and some friends. Tomorrow at 5 am she's gonna fly at her home in California. The picture of Bictoni, while he's eating the pizza, is up to the 2008 Pulitzer Prize!
Bye bye Lisa... I'm gonna miss you!

Wednesday 30 July 2008

Funny dinner with some Alstom colleagues

Yesterday evening funny dinner with some colleagues of mine from Alstom Transport.
Good pizza and too many mosquitos, but as always I was not pinched...

Monday 28 July 2008

Maggiore Lake, Arona and Stresa Mountains

On Sunday I went to the Maggiore Lake to meet the first half of my heart, my sweety StelliSto!
In the morning lying next to the lake, eating in front of the lake a delicious tasted dish and then through the funicular we reached the mountain next to the lake, about 1km and half over the sea level. Finally we made a good tracking walk through the stones in the forest...
More than amazing... More than a wonderful week end... More than... Only one word: LIFE!

Sleeping in Tito's home in Milan

Saturday night I arrived in Milan with 1 hour late, about 1 am! I reached the Tito's home and I came in with the keys... Instead he came back 1 hour and half after from the R.E.M. concert, while I just fall asleep... so I woke up, we chatted each other for I think more then 1 hour. The morning after at 7.30 am bye bye Tito!!! I slept only 3 hours... but I woke up already rested (I know it's quite unbelievable), and an advice for Tito: an ergonomic pillow is completely another world!

Ilaria and Paolo wedding featuring Iacopo!

... and finally a special friend found his twin soul and he fulfilled the sweetest dream! I'm so happy for him, for their kid, Jacopo and for their new family!!! In fact on Saturday in Pontedera (FI) they got married... Ilaria... I know... it's going to be hard supporting such a block head man like Paolo... For me 5 days in hospital together were enough (I'm kidding of course!) and I'm also sure this sweetheart will give you the wonderful gift: the happiness...
The sweetest emotion!

1000 km in less than 48 hours...

I reached 1000 km in less than 48 hours! here to see my trip...
Travelling is so cool...!
I left my city (Bologna) Saturday afternoon at 2 pm and I came back Sunday (yesterday) at 1am!
Now I'm going to explain you why I wanted to reach all these locations...!
I definitely love travelling!

Antonia (from NJ) and Lisa (from CA)

Do you remember Antonia from NJ? The first time we met her at the wedding day of Lisa and Gianluca in US with her sister Annamaria! She was visiting my city (Bologna), so Friday night we went out all together and we had great fun around the city! She was improving her italian and thanks to my advices now her italian... is worst!!! I mean... I taught her some special words like "Stufoso" and one that I recently coined "Gnagnagna"! And she's 20 now... As you know in US drinking alcohool before than 21 is stricly prohibited, so we taught her what she can drink, I mean... as every friend of mine knows, I've gived up drinking, but we know what to drink... :-)
Happy birthday!
And also Lisa from CA was here, because she decided to spend some other time in Italy before joining his husband Gianluca, who came back to work there...!
Funny American Friday!

Sunday 20 July 2008

Wedding day of Lisa and Gianluca (in Italy)

Hi everyone,
it's a real pleasure to tell you that Lisa and Gianluca married each other again, but this time in Italy!
Following everyone enjoyed this moment in a really characteristic country home!
Dancing all evening with a real cool live band from Bologna... Please welcome Kilowatt !!!
At the end of that evening 2 wonderful jokes!

Sunday 13 July 2008

Together again!

Really cool evening! Together again! I think last time all together was at the celebration of our degrees in 2003. We are almost all 30, but we're always the same. Everyone of us has different experiences, but it's been so wonderful to share them! Always foolish, always fighting, always smiling!

Saturday 5 July 2008

And also Carlo is 30!

We just came back home! And now also Carlo is 30...! We celebrated this occasion all together in a famous disco club next to the sea! I danced all night long till the 4.30 am! What emotion and what a wonderful night! Dancing is so cool! Amazing!