Monday 28 July 2008

Antonia (from NJ) and Lisa (from CA)

Do you remember Antonia from NJ? The first time we met her at the wedding day of Lisa and Gianluca in US with her sister Annamaria! She was visiting my city (Bologna), so Friday night we went out all together and we had great fun around the city! She was improving her italian and thanks to my advices now her italian... is worst!!! I mean... I taught her some special words like "Stufoso" and one that I recently coined "Gnagnagna"! And she's 20 now... As you know in US drinking alcohool before than 21 is stricly prohibited, so we taught her what she can drink, I mean... as every friend of mine knows, I've gived up drinking, but we know what to drink... :-)
Happy birthday!
And also Lisa from CA was here, because she decided to spend some other time in Italy before joining his husband Gianluca, who came back to work there...!
Funny American Friday!