Monday 28 July 2008

Maggiore Lake, Arona and Stresa Mountains

On Sunday I went to the Maggiore Lake to meet the first half of my heart, my sweety StelliSto!
In the morning lying next to the lake, eating in front of the lake a delicious tasted dish and then through the funicular we reached the mountain next to the lake, about 1km and half over the sea level. Finally we made a good tracking walk through the stones in the forest...
More than amazing... More than a wonderful week end... More than... Only one word: LIFE!


GL said...

I am glad you both had fun!!!

One more thing: even if I like you and is always a pleasure reading your posts and looking at your beatiful face in all of your pictures, where is your soulmate ?

I don't why but I have the feeling that I would prefer those pictures :-)))


Matteo said...

She's so shy... I've always wanted to shot her pics, even only one, but she didn't want it and we've always argued, so I learnt not to oblige her... Let's see... Maybe the next time... if she desires it... Abrrrruuuuupt!