Friday 26 December 2008

St Stephen's day

We celebrated this day making tagliatelle, a kind of pasta. Tomorrow I'll tell you how they are. Hope good... Do you like my look? :-)

Wednesday 24 December 2008

Merry xmas 2008!

Merry xmas everyone! As usual me and my friends met each other to celebrate xmas drinking an hot chocolate with cream.
Merry xmas!!!

Saturday 20 December 2008

Renzo Arbore and the Italian orchestra!

Yesterday a really great live concert in Bologna! Renzo Arbore and the Italian orchestra, 15 really talented musicians. Between the songs Renzo talked us a lot of anecdotes about his songs and about the orchestra and he made me laugh a lot! They sang "napoletan songs". Just imagine that I know by hearth some lyrics even if I don't know the meaning of that, and I understood them because before singing he translated them in English... Crazy! Special guest of this evening was a great friend: Bictoni! ... Renzo... Renzo... Reginella! :-) Later a beer for him and a classic banana split for me (as usual)...

Monday 15 December 2008

First ERTMS high speed train Milan Bologna

On Sunday 14 the first high speed train of a new generation (ERTMS technology) from Milan to Bologna started its ride! 66 minutes, even if a little trouble with radio communications system happened! At the end of the ride the train was 2 minutes in late. Since Sunday 50 rides per day, at the moment without problems... :-)
And immediately later in Bologna railway station a new countdown started! The new Bologna Firenze in half an hour! Alstom is involved in both plans!
Here you can see some pics of the Technology Site in Bologna, where all the information are constantly kept under control.
Is it the future?
Do you remember the final act of Garfield the movie? :-) Hope not! :-)

Saturday 6 December 2008

Tutto esaurito in Bologna!

Yesterday my heroes came in my city for a live show! It was so weird and amazing! I mean... they are real! Who are they? Mitch e Squalo, Cicciopuzzo, Pizza and our Captain, the voice, Marco Galli!!! Thanks for coming in Bologna! I'm "tutto esaurito" too! So... A COLAZIOOONE!