Monday 5 May 2008


Past week I needed to detach myself from the ordinary days, so during these free days (holiday in Italy) I went to Dublin: three days and three nights.
Well... I was interested to know the Irish culture even if I decided that city because I definitely love the Guiness beer and a lot of people in Italy told me that in Ireland it's even better! They were right!
Frankly speaking I didn't expect such a little city! It's not a real city it's more or less a town and the people from there are awesome! They are really friendly! I was really surprised! I thought to live in a Truman Show, every where I went, people suggested me what to visit without I asked them anything! They were really nice! Temple Bar, the place I had the hotel, is quite similar to Covent Garden in London! Every where Italian restaurant and no Italian people inside! :-) I've also tasted a local dishes from there: a lot of meat and one evening I ate the meat cooked in the Guiness sauce!
For Gianluca: the Guiness shirt with green and black stripes is yours! :-)
The Liffey River is so romantic and I was really lucky because it didn't rain.
Really lovely town!

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GL said...

I can't wait to wear it ;-)