Thursday 6 September 2007

Lisa and Gianluca TOGETHER FOREVER and EVER

I lived a dream. I've never felt such emotions!
Seeing my best friend got married with the sweetest girl, where everything was new for me, because it was the first time I was in NJ!
I was considered from Gianluca and Lisa the best man, like Simone. Lisa was standing in front of me in the church during the ceremony and she was more than beautiful, more than everything. Her eyes were telling to everybody: "I love this man!".
It was a big pleasure speaking in front of Lisa and Gianluca guests in the restaurant but the emotions was something unbelievable so I'm sorry but I don't remember quite anything I told. I can't wait for seeing my speach!
Every time I see this movie my heart is full of love!

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GL said...

Thanks Matteo to be there, we had so much fun before, during and after the wedding!