Wednesday 12 November 2008

Cape Canaveral

I drove for 8 hours and half, from Key West directly to Cape Canaveral. Yes, driving in US is much easier than in Italy, but it was a long trip. Anyway we reached Cape Canaveral in the evening and, the day after, we went to the Kennedy Space Center. It's too amazing! All my kid dreams became true! I saw the launch tower of the space shuttle in person and all the other tower for all the Apollo! I touched a real piece of the moon carried there from an astronaut! I tried a special realistic game which simulates "how to be launch in the space". Pure adrenalin!
There are also alligators and dolphins in the water and we saw both of them! So real!


GL said...

I have a couple of friends there, you should have told me you were going to visit that place, damn!

Matteo said...

Yes Damn... I didn't know it! But I stayed there just 1 day! Maybe I could prolong my visit there! Maybe the next time... :-)