Sunday 8 July 2007

My family and my town...

This weekend I needed to relax a little bit, so I planed to visit my family. They live in Sesto Imolese, a little town near Imola. I was invited from one of my aunts (Loretta) and she cooked for me "tortellini al ragu", the local dish. When my belly was completely full we received a call from an other aunt (Franchina), because my little cousins Luca and Andrea desired swimming with me in their new swimming pool. And when we was swimming my other cousins joined us: Giulia and Giorgia. So I had the opportunity to play with them and I relaxed a lot. They are so nice!!! It was so hot and then Fabrizio and Denise, who are Giulia and Giorgia's parents, invited me to their home to eat grilled meat. So I also had the opportunity to eat REALLY good meals!
As you can see here I was in the swimming pool with my cousins and with my uncle in law (Ivan, Franchina's husband.
I like moving from my city to a little town, because I remember where I am from and I feel in peace with the whole world! AMAZING!

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