Sunday 22 July 2007

My life... A wonderful flight

It's REALLY difficult to describe what I felt yesterday.
Maybe only watching the images and the movie you can breathe the same emotions.
When they gave me the harness I didn't realize that in 15 minutes I was 4500 meters height.
The harness was so tight and I desired that it was tighter, even if I coudn't breathe!
They taught us the right movement in order to jump out of the plane and I repeated it with my body and mind at least 1000 times!
Then they picked us up in a little van and we reached the take off strip. I was the last one to go inside the plane. When I'm in a group of people, I like when I'm the last one to go inside, even when I played football I liked being the last one to be on the ground.
The plane took off and I was unlinked with my teacher yet. Higher and higher... When we reached 3500 meters he connected our harnesses so tight. And when the plane touched 4500 meters we had to jump out of the plane. The big door was opened and we saw the ground so little. You don't see the bending earth but you feel so. When it was my turn I was not scared, really, I was concentrated. I've never felt such ADRENALIZE in my body! In that 2 seconds, when you're there, you don't hear any sounds, only your body. My teacher screamed: one... two... Without telling three we jumped out, in the air. And later 6 seconds our speed was greater then 200 Km/h.
I was completly relaxed and so my body was totally bended. I realized that breathing was so hard and I don't know how many breathes I took, but I felt in peace and the more I was next to the earth the more this feeling was higher. My hair were definitely straight. In this moment our parachude was opened and my legs throwed themselfes in front of me with a really sweet movement.
5 minutes of heaven
5 minutes of dream
5 minute of LIFE!

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GL said...

This is absolutely amazing! I couldn't do that.