Saturday 30 June 2007

Kynan, my special CS guest from San Francisco...

Hi everyone,
today Kynan left Italy and my home, where he spent just 1 night.
I had the great opportunity to get in touch with a guy from San Francisco. He was born in Santa Cruz California, where Gl has been living and where I'll be this summer! That's COOL! Of course we talked a lot, he's 26 and he explained me a lot of things: I can't wait to go there...! He is a chef de cuisine, but unfortunatly in my home nothing was in the frige so we had pizza and beer. Later we spent the night in a new special open space disco. It was great! Later 2 beers we came back, at 2 o clock in the morning and at 6am we woke up, because ha had to catch the train to Milan where he had a plane to Prague! He worked in restaurant for 2 years and then he took 1 year gap, so he decided to travel the whole world. He has already visited the south of Asia and later the east part of the Europe he'll be in the South of America. The next year he'll be at work again in San Francisco. He knows how to enjoy himself. And I enjoyed his friendship a lot!
Here you can see us, when we came back quite buzzed... :-)
Couchsurfing is REALLY AMAZING!
Thanks Kynan!

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GL said...

Great! So you had a preview of the SC philosophy. I am waiting for you coming over.