Sunday 24 June 2007

Samuela, Simona and Apo from CS

This weekend I had the opportunity to meet new friends from CS: Samuela, Simona and Apo!
Samuela is an incredible fashion stylist and she REALLY a genius. She usually designs and creates beautiful dresses. She has already dressed a lot of models, even "miss Italia".Take a look here and here and she is only 24!
Instead her sister plays guitar and percussion... Simona
She has been attending the musical accademy and she will ultimate her studies here!!!
And they are going to move in my city from September! COOL!
Sometimes they argue with each other, like every sister... and they are crazy :-)
They invited me to go to Rome in a few weeks, because Samuela will have another chance to let her dresses view with a wounderful stylist parade and I'm sure I will have the chance to meet other interesting people too!
I'm also sure they have a future!!!
I also met Apo, this is his nickname in CS! He has been studying informatic here. So we have a lot of things in common! :-)
Here we'are in my home eating pizza and drinking the local beer!

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