Thursday 24 May 2007

My 29th birthday in Valencia...

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I came back from Valencia (Spain) where I celebrated my 29th birthday! I went there with Petia, my Russian friend from Germany. He left Germany from Franfurt Hann, and I left Italy from Pisa. We met each other in Valencia.
It's a beautiful and young city even if it's made by a lot of old and characteristic narrows! It's really easy to loose yourself, at least for me...

What about the people and the culture there?
They are REALLY lovely! And it's a young city so everything is thought to have fun! There is no pressure at all! I mean... I usually eat, drink, work and do everything really fast even in the italian restaurants the owners made me pressure,
but they usually do everything in very relaxed way. In Valencia they say something like this: "Tranchilo... Tranchilo... Mui tranchilo!" It was also nice meeting people from "free hugs"! Then we visited the oceangrafic and the technological museum! As you can see it's a building with a future an amazing architecture!

What about the food?
We stayed there for 5 days and I ate for 4 times paella. There are different kind of paella. Here you can see "paella
valenciana" made by rabbit and chicken then there is the paella made by black rice and finally the fish paella!
My favorite one was the paella valenciana! Then it's a sea city, so it's really easy eating good fish meals. Don't forget to drink the local Sangria!

What about the weather?
It was hot but dry and windy so it was REALLY easy taking sun lying on the beach!
Then they have a huge harbour! And in that days we had the opportunity to see the American's Cup! Italy won against USA and now we in final! It was also nice running along the big corridor which is next to the beach!


GL said...

mmmhhhh ... food, sun, vacation ... really amazing birthday celebration!

Petia said...

Valencia is a great City! A lot of Sun, Beautiful Mediterranian Sea! It was wonderful Journey! No one takes care about Ozone Hole above Valencia - everyone thinks how to enjoy the life!