Wednesday 2 May 2007

Marina di Ravenna

Yesterday we went to the beach in Marina di Ravenna to relax and chill out. It was not so hot and later 4pm it was a little bit windy.
We were in 5: me, Chiara, Eleonora, Carlo and Davide. Later Giampaolo alias Nargo, his couchsurfing nickname, and Federica (his girlfriend) joined us during the appetizer!
I drank a couple of beers and ate two piadine with bacon and mozzarella (it's a local speciality)!
At the end of the day I was completely tired! COOL!


GL said...

I love your T-shirt, where did you get it ? ;-)

Matteo said...

I definitely love it too! A really close friend of mine gave it to me! :-)