Tuesday 25 March 2008

Stresa, Arona and Maggiore Lake

I spent Easter with my little StelliStò in Arona, near Maggiore Lake!
Even if the forecast in Italy was frightening I went there! I like risks... :-) Frankly speaking I hoped it was sunny but I didn't expect such a wounderful time! In the evening we ate some special food from Sardegna, an italian island... Could you imagine? I went near Maggiore Lake to eat something from Sardegna! Funny! Then the day later we arrived at Stresa, always over the lake but even near the mountains... Wonderful landscape!
Amazing Easter!


Simone said...

come hai fatto a mettere le foto in slideshow?

Matteo said...

Tonight I'll show you!

GL said...

Tonight I'll show you ?!?!? .... please :-)

Matteo said...