Sunday 2 March 2008

Parco dei Cigni Bologna

I've just finished reading "Getting thinks done", written by David Allen, a gift from Gianluca and Lisa! Thanks guys!
A great book which explains how to manage, think, plan and design your life!
Before reading this book I've already applied some of the ideas (and some tips) here described and after I learned much more!
In this days I've started reading a new book:
"Con le donne ho chiuso" in italian and more or less it means: "I broke up any relationship with women"...
Don't worry... it's a joke! In fact, as you can see, a little bag is closed to me, and it was not mine! :-)
The owner is really a special person who I'm sure is gonna read this post! Thanks StelliStò! And I'd like to thank you even because you gave me a big help to clean my dirty home... See u tonight...! :-) Thanks again to sustain me!

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