Friday 3 October 2008

Cooking course "La mestola e il ramino"

Funny evening yesterday with some Alstom colleagues... Just having something different we attended a cooking course of how to make "la sfoglina" to create the pasta! Be careful and remember: for every 100 grams of flour one egg, and if you add something for example green grass the quantity could be changed. In fact it has to be not too dry and not too wet. Everyone of us made it with different color adding a particular ingredient, even with chocolate! And when the "sfoglia" was ready we made nearly every kind of pasta: pappardelle, tagliatelle, strichetti (also called farfalle), mal tagliati and quadretti. And finally we ate them! Delicious! We enjoyed so much like kids! Enjoy the meal! In German good appetit! In italian buon appetito! Wonderful evening! Amazing!


GL said...

That's soooo cool!!!

Btw ... you are the only man, much cooler!

Unknown said...

bel colpo Matteo,a Natale ti chiamo per farmi i tortellini scusa se ti scrivo in italiano smack!

Matteo said...

Non preoccuparti Claudia! Qui sei sempre la benvenuta! Don't worry Claudia! You're always welcome here!