Friday 4 January 2008


The best New Year's Day...!
I left my city on the 27th of Dicember and I was back on the 3rd of January 2008. I visited the Portugal! Me and my girlfriend, StelliStò her nickname, landed off in Lisbon and immediately later we rented a car. Our first stop was in Cascais in a wonderful hotel. Our room had a spectacular view on the Atlantic ocean! We saw on the ocean the dask and the dawn! Unbelievable sensation!. The day after in the afternoon we drove till Cabo da Roca. It's really famous town because it's situated in the more west point of the Europe... and later a little stop to admire the coast, we drove again till Sintra, a characteristic town... and then again in our car till a town in the fog between Alcobaca and Nazarè. We spent there 2 nights! Near the ocean again! We lied on the beach and run on the ocean! The water was defenitly freezing even if the sun was really big! The fourth day we spent the night in Coimbra, an old city in the middle of Portugal, really nice. And the day later on the 31st of Dicember we drove till Fatima, religious city, and then again till Lisbon! The best New Year's Day! And even if my sweet StelliStò felt not so good that days I really enjoyed this time with her!
This is a short movie shot in Nazarè, while I run on the freezing Atlantic Ocean! What can I tell you more? Maybe only one word: AMAZING!


GL said...

beautiful pictures and I am sure you had a lot of fun ... ABRRUUUPPPPPT!

Simone said...

Mitico Osso, sei il numero 1, nonostante l'infortunio al braccio sei andato alla grandissima, come sempre!!!