Sunday 9 December 2007

Our AMAZING movie!

THE BEST EVENING. Yesterday I hosted all my friends in my home to watch the movie we made in Usa, for Gianluca and Lisa marriage!
We were so close in my room, 19 people all together, laughing, applauding, drinking, eating popcorn and french fries!
Many thanks to everyone!!!
Many thanks to Lorenzo who helped me to build the movie, special thanks to Gianluca, Tito and Simone, and a special thanks to all my friends who dedicated to me the best gift: laughing together! Ah... I was forgetting: "Bye Carlo"... :-)

Bye Carlo!


GL said...

It was a really amazing night, thanks for all time spent working on the movie and host so many people at the first show.

BTW, can you send me by email the pictures we took.

Great Job.

Matteo said...

Of course, tonight I'm gonna send them to you!