Monday 23 April 2007

Couchsurfing in Bologna

On Saturday evening I joined the couchsurfing girls and boys!
They had an appointment for an appetizer in Bologna centre and on Sunday we met each other in Giardini Margherita's garden.
We ate some foods prepared by ourselves, played a lot, sung some international songs. One guy had the guitar, so we tried to follow him. We took the sun lieing down on the ground. I met one guy from Irland, one from New Caste, one Australian girl and one from New Zeland and other from Germany, Egipt, exc...
It's REALLY diffucult to understand a person coming from the north of England. Even the Australian girl told me that it's quite hard to understand his native English. Most of the time the Australia and New Zeland girl had to translate his "English" in pure English for me!
Maybe the next week he'll be back and I hope to undestand him better! :-)

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